Why Is Your Refrigerator Not Cold?


A refrigerator that doesn't get as cold as it shouldn't isn't just a nuisance. The temperature of your fridge is crucial to keeping food spoilage and foodborne illness at bay. So if you find that your refrigerator is consistently not cold enough, or it runs hot and cold, here are some things to check.

The Door Isn't Shutting

One of the simplest problems that can lead to a warm fridge is having a door that doesn't shut correctly. That has to do with the seal on the refrigerator door, likely. If there is not enough suction in the seal, the door won't be held completely shut and the cold air will mix with the warm air in your home. Check to see if part of the seal is loose; you might be able to simply glue it back in place. If the seal is old and shriveled, it's probably losing suction and needs to be replaced. Aside from checking whether the door is ajar or not, you should see if the light is going out when you shut the door.

There Is a Freon Leak

Freon is the substance that's used to facilitate air cooling within the refrigerator. Perhaps your freon levels are just low and you need to replace them. Or, there might be a freon leak that stems from a damaged wire. If there is a freon leak, you might have noticed that your fridge has an unusual smell or that your food tastes a little off as well as not being cold enough.

Evaporator or Condenser Fans Not Working

The fridge uses several fans to facilitate the process of moving cold air around the fridge. You should occasionally hear the motor of these fans turning on and off as they do their job. If you don't, then you might suspect that the fan motor is broken (or a similar problem).

These are just some of the possible issues that come with a refrigerator that's not cooling properly. There are many critical parts that can affect temperature control within a fridge. If you are unable to find a quick fix for these issues, then you might want to visit an appliance repair service to ask questions or have them come to visit your home and inspect the appliance. If they can quickly pinpoint the issues and save you time and research, it's worth it to get a repair estimate.

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30 March 2017

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