Protecting Your New Washing Machine


A new washing machine can give you fresher laundry than you're used to getting, and since you've just invested money into getting the machine, you don't want it to break down or stop being effective for a very long time. However, you may have questions about how you can best preserve the washer, particularly if you're not used to giving the machine much attention in the past. With these pointers, the new washing machine you've bought can keep working for a long time.

Read Your Manual

Once the washer was dropped off, you might have plugged it in and started a load of laundry without glancing at the manual. In fact, those who delivered your washer could have forgotten to provide you with the manual. However, it is a good use of your time to peruse the manual that comes with a new washer. The manual will lay out how best to use the washer, with information about what types of detergent to use and which settings are appropriate for different types of clothing. There might also be information about how you can acquire replacement parts if you ever need to.

Use Minimal Detergent

Many people think cleaning clothes is done better when using a lot of laundry detergent. This is oftentimes untrue; in fact, preserving the new machine can mean that you must be judicious about your use of detergent. Too much of the stuff can cause buildup on the drum over time, creating an environment that is favorable to mold.

Remove Washed Clothes Immediately

While you might not be sitting next to your clothing as it goes through a washing cycle, make an effort to remove clothing right away from the washer when the washing cycle is completed. If you don't, not only will the clothing start smelling of mildew, the machine will as well. If you forget and the drum continues to smell bad from mildew, run an empty wash cycle with vinegar instead of detergent. Vinegar should neutralize those odors.

Change the Filter

Hair and debris can become caught in the filter of the drain pump. When that occurs, you'll notice that water is sluggish and doesn't drain quickly. This can make washing clothes less effective. Periodically check the drain pump filter and replace it when need arises. The filter's location should be set out in the owner manual.

Your new washer can keep clothing fresh and clean-smelling for many years if you're using these tips. If a problem seems to arise, discussing it with an appliance service and washing machine repair company can find a solution quickly.


1 August 2017

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