Why Repairing Your Fridge Could Help Your Food Last Longer


There is absolutely no doubt that one of the hardest working appliances in your home is your refrigerator. Not only are refrigerators appliances that work almost non-stop, they are also something that you couldn't live a normal life without. Whether your fridge is running too long or at least longer than it normally does, or if it is simply not working the way it should be, there is absolutely no reason to panic, because there is always a solution.

If you want to repair your fridge by yourself, you came to the right place. And now, here are some of the most common parts that are known for causing different types of damage to refrigerators all over the world.

Defrost Timer

There are two different types of defrost timers. The first one is a mechanical defrost timer, and the second one is an electronic defrost adaptive control timer. However, it doesn't really matter which one you have installed in your refrigerator, because both of them serve the exact same purpose, and that is to initiate the defrost cycle. The way that they do this is by turning on the defrost heater at specific intervals.

When it comes to mechanical defrost timers, you can easily check if they are working properly with a multi-meter, and it is pretty easy to manually adjust them with a normal flat blade screwdriver. However, if you notice that your mechanical defrost timer is not showing any signs of life, then it is probably the right time to replace it.

If you don't know where to find a defrost timer, make sure to check near the bottom of your fridge, and if it is not there, then it is either in the back of your fridge, or in the control panel.

Defrost Heater

Defrost heaters are actually heater wires protected by glass, and they usually have well insulated wire leads. You can easily check the heater coil for continuity by using a normal multi-meter. But before you do that, make sure to remove the power, because otherwise, it could cause damage to your fridge, or even worse, to you.

Having a well-working fridge is very important, especially for your food. However, food is not the only thing that it is important for! By taking care of your fridge on a regular basis, you could save a lot of money in the long run. After all, smaller repairs are always cheaper than the larger ones.


27 February 2018

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