Want To Reduce Washer Wear & Enjoy Cleaner Laundry? Start With These Easy Washer Care Tips


The automatic clothes washing machine in the laundry room of the average American household is one of the hardest working appliances in the home. In fact, according to recent statistics provided by the American Cleaning Institute, the average household washes approximately 50 pounds of dirty laundry each and every week. Even more shocking is the estimate that states an average person in the United States today generates more than a quarter ton of dirty laundry over a period of one year. With numbers like those, it is easy to see why the automatic clothes washer is such a valued appliance in the average household and why it is so important to keep it in good repair. 

Incorrect usage issues

Washing machines, like any appliance will last longer and perform their duties more efficiently if they are used correctly. Some examples of incorrect usage that could result in poorly cleaned laundry or damage to the machine include: 

  • using too much detergent 
  • overloading the washing machine 
  • using the wrong settings 

Using too much detergent or other laundry products in the washer can make it difficult or impossible for the washing machine to clean effectively. Instead, residue from the excess detergent is re-deposited on the clothing during the rinse cycle, as well as building up inside the machine's components and hoses. When the problem occurs repeatedly, the washing machine may cease to function and require repair or replacement. 

Overloading the washing machine with too much laundry or using the wrong settings, such as using a small load setting for a large load of clothing, can also result in poorly cleaned laundry. Even worse, these type of usage can also cause excessive wear on the appliance's belts, motor, pumps, and other components. 

Leveling and balance issues

Other common washing machine issues that can result in poorly cleaned laundry excess wear and tear on the machine include failing to make sure the appliance is leveled correctly or allowing it to run with a poorly balanced load of laundry inside. Both leveling and balance issues often result in excessively noisy operation or instances where the machine shudders or vibrates badly during the laundry cycle. 

Washing machines owners should always refer to their appliance's instruction manual to make sure they are loading and using their machine correctly. If the washer is not cleaning clothing efficiently or is not operating correctly even when loaded and operated correctly, owners should immediately contact a reputable washer repair service for assistance. 


24 July 2018

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