Common Washer Problems


If you are suddenly hearing new and loud sounds coming from your washing machine, then those sounds can be caused by a variety of issues. Your washing machine may also be making movements which can be so obvious you can see the machine rocking from across the room. Some of the issues are easy to correct yourself, while others will leave you in need of an appliance repair person to repair them. Here are some of the reasons why your washing machine may be making a loud noise.

The washer isn't sitting level, or the load is uneven

If your washer has shifted so it is no longer sitting level on the ground, then it can start to make a very loud banging or bumping noise You may also see it rocking back and forth. This is easy to correct because all you need to do is move your washer, so it is sitting level again. An uneven load in the tub can also make similar sounds and cause the washer to look as if it is quickly rocking. Straightening out the clothing will fix this.

The washer has worn motor couplings

If your washing machine has worn motor couplings, then this can cause it to make a rumbling noise. The noise is made from the drive forks rubbing against each other when the basket is spinning. You will only hear the noise when the washer is in the spin cycle. This will require an appliance repair company, such as Collier County Appliance Service, Inc., to replace the motor couplings for you.

The tub bearings are worn

If you hear a very loud sound during your washing machine's spin cycle, then it may be caused by worn tub bearings. When the tub bearings are worn, it will also cause more noise because there will be a lot of wobble in the washing machine when it is going through the spin cycle. This problem will also need the services of an appliance repair technician who will be able to replace the tub bearings for you.

The pump belt is worn

If your washing machine has a worn pump belt, then it can cause a loud squeaking sound to come from the machine. A burning rubber smell may also be coming from the machine when this is the problem. An appliance repair technician can come out and replace the belt for you to take care of the problem.


2 November 2018

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