3 Dishwasher Issues And How To Repair Them


The dishwasher is not considered a necessary appliance, but it may be necessary in your own home. Having no time to wash dishes and an overloaded sink can make a dishwasher a necessity. If it suddenly stops working, you're most likely going to notice. You have to fit washing the dishes into your already busy schedule, and this can put a kink in your day to day plans. Read on for some common issues and how you can repair them.

1. Water In The Tub

If you have water in the washtub, it can start to mildew and mold inside your machine. You'll have dirty dishes, and a mess on your hands if this happens, not to mention the smell you'll have in your dishwasher and probably the rest of your home. If you have water in the washtub, there are a few things you can try to get the water to drain. First, use your hands to feel around at the drain to see if you can free any food particles that may be stuck inside. If you aren't able to feel anything, you're going to need to drain the water out by hand and remove the sprayer arms and the filter to clean it out. Another option is to pour a drain cleaning liquid down the drain to get the water to drain, then snake the drain to remove any clogs.

2. No Power

No power to your dishwasher could be a minor issue, or a major one. It could be an issue with the outlet or the power cord, which is an electrical issue, but if it's an issue with the dishwasher itself, you could have a burned out motor on your appliance. If this is the case, you may need a new motor or a new dishwasher altogether. Check the outlet for power using a multimeter, and inspect the power cord for any damage. Replace the power cord if need be, and check the fuse box for power to your outlet.

3. Water Leak

If your dishwasher is leaking water, you could have a big mess on your hands by the end of the dish-washing cycle. Open up your dishwasher and inspect the door seal around the dishwasher. If it's cracked, dry-rotted or damaged in any way, you need to replace the seal. Remove the old seal by removing the screws holding it in place. Then replace it with a brand new seal, which can be found through an appliance parts dealer or on-line. Test your handy work by running a cycle and watching for any water leaks. Stop the dishwasher if you see any water.

If you have any of these dishwasher problems, it can leave your dishwasher out of commission and put you back up at the sink doing the dishes for every single meal. Don't run out to buy all paper and plastic products, use the tips above to help you repair these issues or hire an appliance repair service like D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc. to help with these or other repairs.


15 July 2020

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