3 Common Issues That Might Affect Your Sub Zero And How To Resolve Them


Choosing a sub-zero fridge for your home is a wise option due to the legendary quality and appliance features. Each unit undergoes rigorous tests to ensure that it will give the consumer superior quality service with minimal tune-up requirements and efficient operation. However, like all other appliances, it will need maintenance from time to time to serve you for a long time. Appliance maintenance involves watching for signs of weakness and resolving them before failure. Consider these three common issues with your refrigerator and ways to fix them. 

When the Unit Leaks Water

Water leaks are a sign of trouble with sub-zeros. It indicates that your unit might have a clog or blockage. It could signal that the defrost drain is clogged. Other possible problems include cracked housing for the water filter or a faulty inlet valve. You could also be dealing with a leaking tank assembly. These are serious issues that only an appliance repair expert can handle.

When the Vacuum Condenser Light Comes On

The first indication that all might not be well with your sub-zero is when the vacuum condenser light comes on. It typically indicates that the condenser has been working non-stop for twenty-four hours. The activity might not be the problem, but it should signal that you should assess some of the internal mechanisms. Calling in a technician is the best way to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue before anything falls apart. You should also clean the condenser coils frequently to avoid recurrent problems with the condenser light. 

When the Items in the Unit Don't Cool Down

This fridge has a high brand reputation for keeping everything cool and fresh. However, certain system complications could lead to the system failing to cool down the items in the fridge. For example, failure of the condenser fan motor will mean that the system does not blow cool air over the coolant and does not efficiently carry out the cooling cycles. The evaporator fan motor might also fail, leading to the inability of the fridge to carry heat away from inside the refrigerator chamber. Finally, you might have a faulty start relay, which will either need a replacement or repair to resume operation. 

Consider consulting with the professionals when you have these issues with your sub-zero. They will help you resolve the minor problems before they become the reason it loses function. Early repairs also ensure your system does not get expensive breakdowns in the future.

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10 June 2022

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