How To Replace A Whirlpool Washing Machine Coupler


If your Whirlpool washing machine fills and the motor runs but it doesn't agitate, it could be the motor coupler. The drive coupler consists of three rubber and three plastic components that are mounted on the motor shaft. The coupler breaks when it senses the drive motor is damaged. It is simple to fix the motor coupler on a Whirlpool washing machine by following these tips. Prepare to Work For this project, you need:

18 May 2017

Why Is Your Refrigerator Not Cold?


A refrigerator that doesn't get as cold as it shouldn't isn't just a nuisance. The temperature of your fridge is crucial to keeping food spoilage and foodborne illness at bay. So if you find that your refrigerator is consistently not cold enough, or it runs hot and cold, here are some things to check. The Door Isn't Shutting One of the simplest problems that can lead to a warm fridge is having a door that doesn't shut correctly.

30 March 2017

5 Problems That Could Sideline Your Front-Loading Washing Machine


What would you do without your front-loading washer machine? If you can't think of an answer or dread the idea of hand-washing all of your clothes, then chances are you'll want to avoid anything that could put your washer out of commission. Unfortunately, the following problems can put a temporary halt to your washing duties until your repair technician can make things right. Faulty Door Switch So you've loaded up all of your clothes, closed the door, punched in your washing settings and.

27 February 2017